I’ve been mentally trying to write a review for ages but the I’ve really struggled to put it all into words. I have had a few ‘treatments’ with Liz for various reasons. From mental and emotional health and well being healing to releasing physical pain Liz just ‘does it’! I’m not sure what she does but it just works. She takes away all of the negativity. I’ve had many holistic therapy treatments over the years but Liz’s is different. It’s non evasive, gentle and I feel relaxed and comforted at all times and never feel rushed. It’s like counselling therapy and massage all in one and I’m left totally ‘zoned out’ and what I can only describe as a meditative state………totally chilled out and relaxed……yet energised! Liz really listens and tailors the treatment to suit, dealing with the ‘whole person’. She really understands what’s going on and what you need to be balanced/grounded. For anyone that suffers from pain you’ll know how exhausting it can be! I can’t recommend Liz enough. I’ve had brilliant treatment for neck/shoulder and back pain. She’ll work until the tension/pain goes away! Such a relief! Liz works wonders with stress! No idea how….but it just disappears! It’s amazing! Liz knows when I need a treatment sometimes before I do! Liz not only has a natural gift/talent but she is well read, qualified and experienced to deliver various therapies to suit different needs She even travelled overseas to achieve her latest qualification! She really knows her stuff! It’s impressive! I can’t thank Liz enough for all that she does to make me feel better!