I am 34, a full time electronics engineer, and I have grown up in the physical world, in computers, in logic and in what can be proven by the scientific method. Yep – you’ve got it, the stereotypical opposite to someone writing a five star review for a holistic therapist. Via certain personal experiences in my life and through curiosity and research, throughout the last decade or so I have grown to believe there is much more going on than I once thought was possible. However this is science – I believe, and traditional scientists are now beginning to catch up, through study into quantum theories and so-forth. It is however up to the individual how little or how much they want to believe themselves at whatever level, because Liz is highly qualified and experienced in working within traditional and alternative environments she bridges the gap between the two. In my case starting out with things that just made sense such as recommendations for improvements with diet, exercise, making time for relaxation and self-care, etc. Holistic balancing, for me was one of the ‘kicks’ that made me feel natural after the therapy – apart from the process itself improving my state of mind at the time and for days afterwards – it gave me the insight into what I could feel like all the time if I put into practice what Liz had recommended specifically for me, which could well be different for you depending on your individual circumstances. You have nothing to lose and potentially a lot to gain from a visit to Liz