Miraculous! I wasn’t aware of holistic balancing before I met Liz and had no idea whether it would help me but went with it and I am so happy I did. I broke my arm quite badly and was in a full cast for 2 months and then was told I needed surgery. Surgery was the easy part, the problems were obvious once the surgery had healed. I had no movement in my wrist, a siezed elbow and shoulder and the pain was unbearable. Within the first hour of treatment I can honestly say I was able to flex my wrist downwards and there was some movement upwards. The pain subsided so much that I stopped taking painkillers and day by day my wrist improved. I asked for a second visit as my shoulder was still very painful and again there was a huge improvement in my range of movements. This had not been achieved at all through physio and a steroid injection was talked about which I was hoping to avoid at all costs. I now feel I am not destined for a year long recovery as advised but more a matter of weeks. You truly have a gift Liz and I hope anyone else suffering as I was will find you. Relieved and thankful. Karin x