My 10 year old Jack Russel, Barney, suffered double cruciate ligament tears about three years ago which healed fairly well naturally however he never regained full mobility, especially in jumping and running and I’d assumed he never would…until we met Liz! Liz noticed immediately that Barney’s back was out and got straight to work. Barney seemed very relaxed, sitting quietly and willingly during the treatment with no signs of discomfort. Afterwards Barney seemed much more flexible and bouncy and very much happier. The next morning Barney’s overall mobility was so much better that he pretty much ran the whole way round our walk. I had a job to keep up! On arrival for the second treatment, Barney walked straight to Liz and sat down in front of her ready for his treatment to begin. He absolutely loved it and Liz got a little kiss from him afterwards to say thank you. Since then Barney has been glowing. He seems younger and almost back to his former self before the cruciate ligament tears. Today he jumped the fallen tree I usually lift him over and is still tanking along with the other dogs. His fitness (and my own) has increased with the extra movement he now has. I can’t express how highly I recommend Liz for Canine healing and balancing. Liz creates a warm, calm and relaxing atmosphere that I’m certain would settle most dogs and has a natural intuitive sense and an amazing knowledge of physiology. My only wish is that we’d found her sooner!